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The Best Plastic Kazoos On Earth

Why Classic American Kazoos Are

The Best Plastic Kazoos On Earth

Classic American Kazoos are the highest quality plastic kazoos available.
They are 100% produced in the USA.

It's All About The Plastic...

We use the best quality polypropylene and color pigments.
Classic American Kazoos are molded in a State-Of-The-Art, Medical Quality
Injection Molding Facility in Florida, USA.

Cheaper imported kazoos are made of polystyrene.
This type of plastic is brittle and breaks easily leaving sharp edges.

Kazoos like this are often sold in "Party" stores or import catalogs.

Note sharp edges on this kazoo
easily broken with pliers.

Note that Classic American Kazoos
are not brittle and do not break.

There IS a difference in plastics.

It's more expensive to use the good stuff,
but we think making a better and safer kazoo
is worth a few extra pennies.

It's All About The Resonator...

That little round paper underneath the "child-safe" cap is what makes a kazoo work.
Every other kazoo manufacturer on earth uses cheap wax paper or cellophane to make resonators.

Classic American Kazoos use a high-tech polyethylene paper that is:

And Best of All...

That's right you can get our kazoos wet and still play them.
Around the kazoo factory, we use kazoos to stir our coffee
and then play them over the phone to people who want to hear what our kazoos sound like.

They are really that good.

We have our own custom-built resonator cutting machine that creates our
resonators to exact tolerance. Our resonator paper is a custom cut product
that is not available to other kazoo manufacturers.

This special paper cost about TEN TIMES as much as cheap wax paper used in other kazoos.
We absorb this cost and still sell our kazoos cheaper than anyone else.

The resonator IS the kazoo, and your Classic American Kazoo has the finest resonator on earth.

It's All About Safety and Quality...

After acquiring the kazoo manufacturing business
we spent over $42,000.00 on improvements to our tooling
to ensure that our caps are not easily removeable
and are safe for kids.

Easily removeable caps are a choking hazard
for children and an annoyance to adults who want
a quality product that will last.

Classic American Kazoo Caps Are Inserted By
Machine With 100 lbs. Of Pressure.
Our Cap Cannot Be Easily Pried Out.

Even Vise Grip Pliers and several pounds of pull
will not remove the Kazoobie Kazoo Locking Cap.

Our competitor's Kazoo Cap Is Easily Removeable.

It's extra work and expense
to put together a long-lasting and safe kazoo,
but we think the extra few pennies are a good investment.

It's All About The Testing...

Are the other kazoos REALLY Child-Safe?

The kazoos that we manufacture have been safety tested by MLT-ACTS, a respected
international testing agency and found safe and appropriate for ages 3 and up.

Ask other kazoo suppliers for their safety report.
If they have one, compare it to ours:

Read The MLT-ACTS Safety Test Report

It's All About The Choices...

We offer 14 vibrant colors of kazoos and kazoo caps which you can mix and match.
No other manufacturer on Earth offers this variety.

We offer Hot Die Stamp Imprinting using the highest quality
standard and metallic foils and inks.
Your logo or artwork will be clear and bright, and it will not rub off
like silk-screened or pad stamped imprints offered by our competitors.

It's All About The Service...

Our Customer Service is second to none. Our ONLY business is kazoos.
We will give you personal attention throughout your experience with our company.
Whether it's a single music store order or a long term corporate contract,
we do whatever it takes to make it right.

We believe that we make the best plastic kazoo on Earth.
Through efficiency and hard work, we are able to sell
our kazoos at a price near to and often lower than the
cheap imported product. When you compare, we think you'll agree.